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Wilson Marlatt

Wilson Marlatt
Musical Interlude, oil on board, 22"x28", 23"x 27" framed, s.l.1. "W. Marlatt 1887" Provenance: Private collection, Holley, New York.
Born in Woodhull, New York in 1837, Wilson Marlatt lead a colorful career and learned how to play every instrument imaginable. In order to put food on the table for his wife and son, H.I. Marlatt, he became a photographer in Pennsylvania. He soon discovered he had a talent with the paint brush and began to devote all his time to painting.

In 1897, Wilson came to Rochester, where he painted many local landscapes, such as Genesee Valley Park (then known as South Park). Because he suffered from palsy, Marlatt's paintings took on a wavy characteristic unique to his hand. In 1911, Wilson died of palsy in his home on Plymouth Avenue. He and his wife are buried at Mt. Hope Cemetery.

Exhibited: 1909 Hotel Seneca; 1910 East high School

In the collection of: Murals in Seneca Hotel lobby, Rochester Historical Society, Strong Museum


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