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Lemuel Maynard Wiles

Lemuel Maynard Wiles
Landscape, oil on canvas, 10" x 14", 16" x 20" framed, s.l.r. "L.M. Wiles"
Provenance: Estate of Roger Sweetland from East Aurora, NY
Born in West Perry, NY. Painted in the tradition of the Hudson River School. Taught with Jasper F. Cropsey in New York City. From 1850-1857, focused on painting. Taught in Utica public schools. Inspired his son, Irving Wiles, to paint. 1861, moved to New York City and after three years, opened studio where Samuel F. B. Morse was working. Later, Irving came to paint in the same building.

Traveled many times to Colorado and California, including Yosemite and San Juan Capistrano, which provided inspiration for his western landscapes and drawings of cathedrals and church missions.

From 1876-1888, was director of the College of Fine Arts at Ingham University in LeRoy, NY, and in 1893, initiated Peobody Colleges art department in Nashville, TN. Founder of the Silver Lake Art School in Ingham, near Perry. Irving joined his father in teaching summer classes

Studied: New York State Normal School in 1847 and art from William S. Hart in Albany, NY, for three years.

Died in New York City.


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