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Jeffrey Kneut

Jeffrey KneutPassing Attraction, - watercolor

The personal history of few artists is more engaging than that of Jeffrey Kneut. Jeffrey trained as a commercial artist and began his professional life in graphic design. While only in his 20’s, however, Jeffrey was stricken with Multiple Sclerosis, a disease which has, over the years, limited both his mobility and his vision.

History provides us a long list of artists whose successes seem almost a defiance of their particular physical disabilities. For Jeffrey Kneut, increasing loss of the visible world has forced him to turn inward for the images he creates, even further liberating his powerful visual imagination. His style, too, has turned from the dry factuality of his early years to the moody suggestiveness of his current work.

On recently viewing his wonderful depiction of a San Francisco street, this writer asked Jeffrey if he liked the city he had so effectively portrayed. The artist’s response was "I hope to go there someday." In Jeffrey Kneut, Oxford is pleased to represent an artist of fine talent and great personal courage.

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