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Morston Constantine Ream, N.A.
American (1840–1899)

Morston Constantine Ream, N.A.Still Life, o/c, 29"x24"

Born 1840, in Lancaster, Ohio. Brother of painter, Carducius Plantagenet Ream. Photographer’s apprentice in Cleveland. Specialized in fruit and dessert still lifes. Also, painted landscapes and genre paintings.

Exhibited: Moore’s Art Rooms, NY; Cleveland, OH; Booklyn AA, 1873-83, 1892; PAFA Ann., 1876, 1881; Toledo Loan Exh., 1885; San Francisco; NAD, 1872-83; AIC, 1888-97.

In the collection of: Museum of Fine Arts, Springfield, MA; Brigham Young University Museum, UT; Robert Hull Fleming Museum, VT; and University of Vermont.

Died 1898, in New York City.

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