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Kristine Bouyoucos

Kristine Bouyoucos
Beyond the Road, mixed media on paper
Those of us growing up in the fifties or sixties were often told that listening to jazz recordings, such as those of the ever-popular Dave Brubeck, made one see colors and shapes. Older generations might recall, too, the opening sequence of Disney's imaginative masterpiece, Fantasia, where the images of Leopold Stokowski and the Philadelphia Orchestra gradually morph into an array of colors and abstract shapes suggested by Bach's Toccata and Fugue in D Minor. Such forays into the emerging technologies of High Fidelity recording and Technicolor cinema underlined a profound subconscious association between the auditory and the visual sensations. It is in this subconscious space that many of Kristine Bouyoucos' works live. Herself a fine musician, Kristine often finds the inspiration for her visual explorations in the music that she knows and loves. In this sense, her work might truly be called "multi-media."

Kristine's work may also be termed "multi-media" in the sense that her creations are the product of several different artistic processes. A typical piece may contain drawn or painted images, words, handmade paper, intaglio prints, and manipulated photographic images, all integrated in a final run through the press. The images are layered and their organizational structure is not narrative but associational. The images, interwoven with words and musical notation, emerge and recede before our eyes, vibrating in a space which is neither entirely visual nor auditory. As such, Kristine's works blur the boundary between two and three-dimensional forms. They make the point that our experience of art is never merely visual or entirely in the moment; it is multi-dimensional and associational, living in both the past and the present.

Kristine Bouyoucos
Ode to Joy,mixed media on paper

Kristine Bouyoucos
Harmony I, mixed media on paper

Kristine Bouyoucos
DeBussy, La Mer: Play of the Waves


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