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In a Different Light

Saturday, October 16 and continues through Saturday, November 27
Artists' Reception is planned for Saturday, November 6 from 5:30 PM to 7:30 PM

We have all encountered a common figure of speech asking us to view something "in a different light." The phrase is normally used with reference to an argumentative statement or position, suggesting that there are alternative but equally valid ways of viewing it. Oxford's 2021 theme exhibit will explore this idiom in visual terms. Taken literally, "in a different light" asserts that as the nature or direction of the light changes, so does our interpretation of what we are seeing. We have seen the truth of this in our personal experience, where things viewed in full light are not always the same as things seen in half-light. And "light" here need not refer to a literal light source.

Open and free to the public

The idiom may, for example, refer to the fact that our beliefs change as we grow older or that our memory of an experience may have changed what actually happened. As Marcel Proust attests, "Remembrance of things past is not necessarily the remembrance of things as they were."

The In a Different Light exhibit contains interpretations of the theme by over 50 artists working in a range of different media. When initially planning the exhibit, we had hoped that masking restrictions would by now be lifted, but the perseverance of the COVID virus unfortunately keeps them in effect. All visitors to the exhibit and the Artists' Reception are, therefore, asked to continue observing social distancing and wearing masks covering the nose and mouth.

Oxford Galleryg. a. Sheller, Midnight at the Lake Shore

Oxford GalleryRay Hassard, Motel 3 AM

Oxford GalleryAlan Singer, Shed Some Light

Oxford GalleryWilliam Keyser, A Different Breeze #3

Oxford GalleryBill Santelli, Novalunosos

Oxford GalleryPhyllis Bryce Ely, Night Ice and Moon

Participating Artists

Abraham, Darryl
Baker, Chris
Bornarth, Phil
Bouyoucos, Kristine
Bryce Ely, Phyllis
Chalk, Todd
Crawford, Paula
Dorsey, David
Dungan, Anthony
Durand, Elizabeth
Easton, Ray
Edlund, Carolyn
Fox, Barbara
Gaby, Sari
Germanow, Jacquie
Gordon, Sharon
Gurnett, Margery
Hall, Deborah
Hassard, Ray
Heischman, Denise
Heischman, Bob
Herbold, Michael
Hewitt Towsley, Jan
Houseman, Charles
Insalaco, Tom
Jenks, Richard
Keyser, Bill
Kim, Olivia
King Black, Jappie
Lyons, Rosemary
Malone, Kristin
McLaren, Amy
Miller, Susan
Mink, Barbara
Morgan, Sarah
Mosner, Daniel
Mott, Jim
Muscarella, Lenny
Noonan, Fran
Page, Barbara
Santelli, Bill
Schroeder, Ryan
Sheller, g.a
Singer, Alan
Stephens, Jean K.
Stephens, Bill
Stewart, Debra
Timm, Kate
Tribastone, Pat
van Otterloo, Bridget
Whitfield, Doug
Williams, Wayne
Witucki, Sean
Wolsky, Jack

Oxford GalleryMargery Gurnett, In a Different Light