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We are such stuff
As dreams are made on–and our little life
Is rounded with a sleep.
Shakespeare, The Tempest

In his famous soliloquy from Act IV, Shakespeare's conjuror, Prospero, invokes the fundamental dichotomies around which the play revolves: reality and illusion, art and life. Looking back over the last one hundred years, we must feel Prospero's words somewhat prophetic. Dreams and dreamscapes had, of course, always furnished material for the arts, but the subject matter depicted was usually historical or mythical rather than personal.

Oxford Art GalleryChris Baker, Hope Lies in Dreams, gouache on paper

The publication of Freud's Interpretation of Dreams on the threshold of the twentieth century gave new importance to the concept of the unconscious mind and posited dreams and dream symbolism as an avenue to understanding its workings. With Andre Breton's Surrealist Manifesto in 1924, personal dream imagery became mainstream in the visual arts. And so it remains today.

The Stuff of Dreams is the theme for Oxford's 2024 theme exhibit, which we invite you to attend. The exhibit opens Saturday, April 20 and continues through Saturday, June 15. An Artists' Reception is planned for Saturday, May 18 from 5:30 PM to 7:30 PM. It is open to the public at no charge. The Stuff of Dreams contains interpretations of the theme by over forty artists working in a range of different styles and media.


Oxford Art GalleryBarbara Fox, Remembering a Dream, watercolor on paper

Oxford Art GalleryBridget van Otterloo, Queens of the Night, oil and silver leaf on board

Oxford Art GalleryDavid Dorsey, George's Dream, oil on canvas

Oxford Art GalleryKristen Woodward, Mask Portal, encaustic on board

Oxford Art GalleryTony Dungan, Dream Weaver, acrylic on canvas

Participating Artists
Abraham, Darryl Germanow, Jacquie Llosa, Fernando Singer, Alan
Baker, Chris
Gray, Heather
Malone, Kristin Stephens, Jean K
Bouyoucos, Kristine
Gurnett, Margery
McLaren, Amy
Stephens, Bill
Bryce-Ely, Phyllis Hall, Deborah
Morgan, Sarah
Stewart, Debra
Crawford, Paula
Heischman, Denise
Mosner, Daniel
Timm, Kate
Dorsey, David
Heischman, Robert
Mott, Jim
Tribastone, Patricia
Dungan, Tony
Houseman, Charles
Noonan, Fran
van Otterloo, Bridget
Durand, Elizabeth
Insalaco, Thomas
Page Barbara
Whitfield, Doug
Easton, Ray Jenks, Richard Quinn, Jim Williams, Wayne
Edlund, Carolyn Keyser, William Santelli, Bill Woodward, Kristen
Fox, Barbara King Black, Jappie Schroeder, Ryan  
Gaby, Sari Klein, Greg Sheller, g. a