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Peter D. Harris

Peter Harris: oil paintings
Snowy Drive
Artist Statement
My paintings over the last several years have focused on the urban landscape of Southwestern Ontario. I have developed a body of work that has dealt with my experiences of being a commuter along the 401 highway, as I view the landscape as a passenger. These oil on canvas paintings are often in a diptych format.

Typically, one side of the painting features urban architecture: highways, bridges, and overpasses etc., portrayed in stark daylight. This image is paired with scenes of the highway at nighttime. The sharp focus of the realistically painted daytime scene contrasts with the more atmospheric night view. Through the combining of day and night scenes in the same canvas, I explore my interest in both realistic and abstract representations of the landscape.

In other paintings, I present a single highway, overpass, or nightscape image. These paintings developed from my interest in depicting at different times throughout the day the landscape that I interact with daily.

Peter Harris: oil paintings
Night Lot 12:30am, oil on canvas, 18"x36"

Peter Harris: oil paintings
Downtown 9pm, oil on canvas, 24"x24"

Peter Harris: oil paintings
East on the 401, oil on canvas, 20"x30"

Peter Harris: oil paintings
Night Vision 13, oil on canvas, 24"x42"

Peter Harris: oil paintings
Lost Highway 49, oil on canvas, 24"x42"

Peter Harris: oil paintings
Night Vision 14, oil on canvas, 24"x42"

Peter Harris: oil paintings
Urbanscape 22, oil on canvas, 24"x42"

Suburban Shift 4, oil on canvas, 20"x30"

Urban Divide I, oil on canvas, 24"x42"


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