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Fran Noonan

Fran NoonanBeneath The Falls, oil on panel

Fran NoonanQuiet Glow, oil on board

Fran Noonan finds his primary inspiration in the American Tonalist painters of the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. Although technically a landscape painter, his paintings show an intention more to invoke sentiments or memories than to merely depict natural places. His 2016 exhibit at Oxford was aptly titled "Intimations," with its many Wordsworthian associations. Instead of fine landscape detail and minutely stippled effects, Noonan substitutes broad washes of color and scumbled application.

His focus is not panoramic but specific: a single tree, a copse, or small body of water, for example. And the light is not bright and ubiquitous. In his frequently back-lit images, the light seems to obscure as much as illuminate, leaving only broad outlines which loom monumentally in the encroaching darkness. His paintings invoke rather than describe and remind us at times of dream images. In addition to his being a visual artist, Fran is a classical pianist, and his paintings might best be described as "tone poems." They speak to a sensibility or a reality beyond the visible.

Fran NoonanLofty Passage, oil on board

Fran Noonan

Labyrinth, oil on canvas board


Fran NoonanLuring Meadow, oil on board

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