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Jan Hewitt Towsley

Jan Hewitt TowsleyMidnight Snack II, woven, embroidered, and embellished metal wire

Jan Hewitt TowsleyThe Magic Cello II, woven, embroidered, and embellished metal wire

Artist Statement
If "Seeking Order" is the title of my work, "Serendipity" would be the subtitle. I take materials and themes of interest to me, and humorously weave them together for expression and exploration. Creating is a time of reflection on past, present and future, linking the chapters together.

Jan Hewitt Towlsey's work is unique in that she uses a loom for weaving metals such as copper and brass, as well as more common materials like cotton and silk. Her two-dimensional designs give the impression of visual depth in that the metals shimmer and dance in the light.

Jan is a very involved Rochester artist who loves to teach others to create. She currently teaches classes at Aesthetic Education Institute, Rochester, NY and at Rush-Henrietta School District, Henrietta, NY. She has exhibited her work throughout Rochester, including Oxford Gallery, Clothesline Arts Festival and AAUW.

Jan Hewitt TowsleyEarly Autumn (detail), woven, embroidered, and embellished metal wire

Jan Hewitt TowsleyFireworks at Chimney Bluff damask woven copper, brass 12" x 12"

Jan Hewitt TowsleyPast and Presence woven brass and copper, 32"hx15"wx2.5"d

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