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Bridget Bossart van Otterloo

Bridget Bossart van OtterlooHologram Moth, watercolor and copper leaf on paper, 17 by 21 inches framed

Bridget Bossart van OtterlooMeadow Brown Butterflies on Thistle, oil on panel, 7 by 7 inches framed

We normally think of a “still life” work – be it a table-top still life or a trompe l’oeil depiction - as a compositional set-piece in which the objects depicted are suborned to the aesthetic qualities of the overall composition or the technical prowess of the artist. In the paintings of Bridget Bossart van Otterloo, however, our interest in the objects depicted are seldom compromised by the aesthetics of the composition, and the objects do not suggest a meaning beyond the things themselves. Nor is the aim of the artist ever mere documentation. Van Otterloo’s still life paintings are rather acts of praise for the sheer beauty of the object beheld. We view the objects - be they plant, animal, or both - at close quarters, sometimes magnified. If there is a table, ledge, or container, the artist seems at pains to efface it, as in her portrayal of pomegranates, where background and foreground become almost indistinguishable. And the characteristics of the composition are usually the curvatures and elegance of the natural forms themselves. The artist notes that she seldom paints from photographs but from an intense observation of her subject, a fact we might have garnered from just looking at her work.

This is not to say that van Otterloo’s paintings lack an artistic presence. Her brushstrokes, particularly in the background, are broad and her manner often loose. Her presence is also apparent in the intense coloration and in the brilliant light which pervades the painting. The latter is often achieved by the artist’s use of a metallic background, which pushes the objects forward, giving them a more imposing presence and making the work seem to glow from within. The artist’s energetic brushwork, like her brilliant coloration, create a mood of joyous exuberance. We feel artist’s presence in the rapture with which she approaches nature’s beauty.

Bridget Bossart van OtterlooSunrise Amaryllis, oil on board, 22 by 18 inches framed

Bridget Bossart van OtterlooHome Sweet Home, oil on panel, 17.75 by 14.75 inches framed;

Bridget Bossart van OtterlooSpring Dance, oil and aluminum leaf on linen, 18 by 24 inches unframed

Bridget Bossart van OtterloorPomegranates on White, oil on board, 22.5 by 28.5 inches framed

Bridget Bossart van OtterlooNest, oil and copper leaf on panel, 12 by 14 inches framed

Bridget Bossart van OtterlooMoon Flowers, oil and gold leaf on board, 22.5 by 28.5 inches framed

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